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Whether you are a wine connoisseur or not, what more beautiful, classy, feature to add to your kitchen, or any area of the house, but a wine and stemware rack.  In the kitchens we built as custom cabinet makers, homeowners often incorporated an under cabinet stemware rack.  They add a hint of sophistication to any kitchen.

I am definitely NOT a wine connoisseur, but I do love a glass every now and then, and most often have the cheap (yet tasty) Arbor Mist on hand (which is really a wine PRODUCT, not a wine, oh well.)  I love the look of a wine and stemware rack in the kitchen, and included them in my own.


The photo at right is a close-up of my under cabinet stemware rack and under cabinet wine rack.  If you put a stemware holder under a corner upper cabinet, with under-cabinet lighting behind it like this, it really looks sharp.  (Check out our Under Cabinet Lighting Page) for lighting ideas.

The above picture is a head on view of our wine rack. It is actually three separate wine racks. Go to The Woodworkers Depot to purchase this type of rack. You can actually make your own wine and stemware rack configuration. Just choose from a single wine holder, double, or triple and combine them anyway you'd like under your kitchen or bar cabinets. Wooden stemware racks like the one shown above also come in a variety of convenient sizes.

They are really handy, and work well in my kitchen (any kitchen). Notice my countertop drops down. This is a desk unit that is attached to the corner of my kitchen, where this wine and stemware rack configuration fits just perfectly. If my countertop didn't drop down, I would have just added another two tier bottle holder, or would have installed three-two tier holders to look uniform. You can configure your wine and stemware rack any way that works for you.


Wine and stemware racks can be:

  • Built in as part of your Kitchen Cabinets
  • Part of your Bar Area
  • Separate smaller units that either sit on top of countertop space, tables, or are set into cabinets. If you set a beautiful wine rack inside of, lets say an upper kitchen cabinet, it works nicely in an open shelf type setting, to showcase the wine rack and the wine.
  • Wine racks can also be set on-top of kitchen cabinets, but this really is strictly for looks. Wine should not really be kept at to degrees. The kitchen is not necessarily the best place for wine if you are serious about wine, but it is probably the prettiest!!
  • In your basement area, where it is cooler, using a wall mount rack.
  • Actual furniture. For example, wine racks are often incorporated into Baker's shelves or racks, serving carts, tables, or islands.
  • You can find wine picnic baskets that you could set out or put on top of a table or cabinet if it fits with your decor.


The wine and stemware rack pictured on this page can be found at our Woodworkers Depot store.

You'll also sometimes find nice, smaller, racks at stores like Target or home interior stores.

Enjoy your wine and stemware rack, no matter where you put it or how many you have!

And remember - HAVE A HAPPY KITCHEN!!!

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