Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Hardware

Oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware is extremely popular.  Kitchen pulls and knobs with an oil rubbed bronze finish are easy to find in today's hardware selections.  Match your oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware to your faucets, shower heads, and door hardware.  It's really a finish that's almost everywhere.  The knob at right is from Amerock's Inspirations Collection (A01581 ORB).  Click here or on the picture to see more or order from The Woodworkers Depot.


Oil rubbed bronze is a very old finish style for hardware, which has seen a good comeback using today's technology. 

It was originally a "living finish".  To get a "living finish", oil or another substance is applied to a bronze (or brass) knob.  You then let it react (or oxidize) with the bronze (or brass) of the knob.  No lacquer or other finishing substance is applied to the knob.  This allows the oil to react naturally with the bronze or brass, giving it a unique patina.

A living finish like this changes over time.  You get wear spots here and there, and it is not a consistent finish by any means.  You never know what you're going to get, but it has a lot of character, that's for sure.

But really, who wants to do that now-a-days?  And who has the time?  Just give me something that looks good.  Well, with today's technology, that's exactly what you get with oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware.  Something that looks good with no hassles or waiting (thank goodness!).


Today, oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware has a chemically darkened surface.  It is usually darkened by using a process of electroplating technology.

The surface of oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware is usually a deep, rich, chocolate brown/black with copper undertones.  I love copper, and the copper undertones add just a bit of sparkle to your cabinet hardware.

Real bronze actually has copper alloys in it's makeup.  Today's oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware does justice in it's attempt at true-to-life antique reproduction.  The picture at right is from Amerock's Manor collection.  Click here or on the picture to see more.


If you will be purchasing handles and knobs, plumbing fixtures, or lighting fixtures that are oil rubbed bronze, be sure to match up items before you purchase them.

Each company that manufactures oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware and components will makes them in a slightly different hue.  The color of oil rubbed bronze is usually dark chocolate with copper undertones, but some are a dark grey, (with several variations and hues in between).  Make sure your pieces match before it's too late to return something, or it's already installed.

The knob pictured below is part of the Amerock - Advantage, Village Classics collection.  Click here or on the picture to see more.


And remember - HAVE A HAPPY KITCHEN!!!

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