Lazy Susan

Headquartered in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, Rev-A-Shelf has been manufacturing lazy susan components since 1978.

Rev-A-Shelf lazy susans are top of the line, and what's really amazing is that most are without a top of the line price.  You will pay more for chrome components, the vine accents, or the pantry lazy-susans.  They are beautiful, but pricey.  Rev-a-shelf has the same quality throughout it's product lines, so don't think that because the chrome costs more it's better.  If you stick with the white or almond polymer lazy susans, you will find them to hold up well, be strong and durable, and priced nicely.  The photo at right is of a Kidney cut lazy susan.


  • Kidney Cut Lazy Susans, ranging in size from 18" to 32", for use in upper or base cabinets.
  • D-Shaped lazy susans, for upper angled cabinets (corner), or non-traditional corner base cabinets that have a 45 degree angle, rather than a 90 degree.  The photo at right is of a D-shaped lazy susan in a base cabinet.  It is wood that has the vine accents that Rev-a-shelf makes.
  • Full circle lazy susans, can be used in upper or base cabinets.

Rev-A-Shelf also manufactures a number of blind corner pullouts, of varying styles.  Some can accommodate openings as small as 12", making them a perfect solution for those blind corners that you just can't reach.

In our custom cabinet shop, when there was no alternative but to have a blind corner, we always used these types of lazy susans.  The customers appreciated the handiness, and the not-too-high price tag.  The photo at right is a 1/2 moon rev-a-shelf lazy susan that we used often.  Click here to see pricing and other lazy susans at The Woodworkers Depot.


  • Rev-A-Shelf lazy susans also have raised lips, or edges, to make sure what you put on the shelf stays on the shelf.
  • The underside of their white and almond polymer lazy susan shelves are honeycombed for added strength.
  • Rev-A-Shelf lazy susans also come with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer against defects and workmanship, when installed according to manufacturer's directions.


  • White, sometimes almond, polymer
  • Stainless Steel (chrome)
  • Wood (usually maple)
  • Wire

Rev-A-Shelf recently made available (for the wood shelves) railing, or fencing, in a beautiful vine motif.  This vine motif is pictured at right, on top of a D-Cut wooden lazy susan shelf.  Keep in mind, wooden lazy susans are more expensive, and adding a vine motif will cost lots more.  You are really buying looks if you do this, because it's no stronger than the white polymer lazy susans.

Below that is a picture of a full circle pantry susan, with plastic baskets on the door for storage.  These systems seem neat, and some cabinet stores will tell you this is the way to go, but be warned.  They are expensive, and you really get much better use (and room) out of a pantry by installing rollout drawers, like those from Blum.  Check out our Blum Drawer Slides page for more info.

And remember - HAVE A HAPPY KITCHEN!!!

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