Laminate Countertop Undermount Sink


Laminate Countertop Undermount Sink - Yes, you can have one!!!

It used to be, about five plus years ago, that if you went with laminate countertops, you could never have an undermount sink.


A laminate countertop undermount sink is exactly that.  It is a sink that mounts under your countertop, leaving no ridges or gaps between the sink and your countertop.

It used to be that you couldn't have a laminate countertop undermount sink because if you mounted it beneath the laminate countertop (where the sink cut-out was) you would see 3/4" of particle board before the sink began.

When we built custom kitchen cabinets, the first countertop manufacturing company that we knew of to use undermount sinks effectively (and that looked good in laminate countertops) was a company in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, called Wausau Supply, Inc. They use Karran Sinks, to create an undermount sink that has a 50 year warranty, which will probably long outlive the use of the countertop itself.

In the past few years, having a laminate countertop undermount sink has really caught on.  There are several companies offering the option now, and it really looks great.


Consider the thousands you'll save by having laminate countertops rather than granite, quartz, or another stone countertop (traditionally the only place undermount sinks used to be used).  Plus, the $300 to $600 that the sink will cost is minimal when you realize it's not much more money than what several other "normal" top mounting sinks cost.

If you need new countertops, check this option out if you want the look and easy clean up of an undermount sink. Ask your building supply store, or where you will be ordering your kitchen or bath cabinets if they have laminate countertop undermount sinks available, because not all of them do.

The manufacturer of your laminate countertop has to undermount a sink at their facility, and it takes some special know-how and equipment to do it right.

Laminate countertop styles and options are becoming almost limitless. Expect even more new innovations in the coming years.  This is great for the consumer because laminate is the least expensive countertop you can buy, and now you have some really sophisticated and stunning options.

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