Kitchen Laminate Countertop

Yes, you're looking at a kitchen laminate countertop.  The picture above is just one sample of Wilsonart's High Definition laminate countertop, even though it resembles stone.

Laminate countertop styles and options are almost endless, especially today.  Manufacturer's of laminate, like Wilsonart, Formica, and the rest, keep getting better and better at having their laminates really look like stone, or wood, or what-have-you.

There are literally thousands of kitchen laminate countertop colors to choose from. Plus, as you can see, your kitchen laminate countertop can have an endless array of textures and finishes, not to mention countertop edge styles.


Each laminate manufacturer has different color and pattern options, and each company has hundreds of them to choose from.

Wilsonart isn't the only one.  Formica was one of the first kitchen laminate countertop manufacturer's to make some of their tops look like granite.  Not only do they look like granite or other stones in color, but they are pitted somewhat, making them look even more like stone.

Having installed some of these Formica countertops on our custom kitchen cabinets that we built, we noticed not only did they look a lot like real granite, they hide smudges and scratches well.

Many of Formica's granite looking countertops are very reasonably priced.  They are more expensive than a "normal" Formica kitchen laminate countertop, but still a bargain, especially when compared to real granite which can cost thousands more than laminate.


You can look at samples, register and save what you like at They also have a wide selection of other products, such as solid surface, sinks, and more that you can look at on their web site.

At you can view samples of their laminate, take a look at their solid surface products, and also see their flooring and more. Wilsonart has some great colors too, and some unusual ones, such as those that look like steel and other metals. has a good website too. You can view their products, and choose from a wide array of their kitchen laminate countertop styles and options. They also have some beautiful marble looking laminates that we often installed in bathrooms. Laminate countertops that look like marble are a fraction of the cost of cultured marble tops.

You'll find a great website at as well. They have a wide array of different colors and styles. They also claim to have a better, protective finish available and you can request a sampling of their Armored Protection Surface and see for yourself.


There are several edge styles to choose from. Each manufacturer of countertops will have different edge styles available for you to choose from. Ask you sales representative what is available, but some common edge styles are:

  • Wooden edges with various router cuts, such as an ogee or bevel
  • No Drip Edges (FYI: they can look worn sooner than the rest of your countertop, because the no-drip edge keeps getting things brushed across it, more so than the rest of the countertop)
  • Water Fall Edges
  • Flat (Square) Edges - believe it or not, it actually costs more to get a square edge than a normal rounded edge.
  • 180 Degree Wrap (Full Wrap)
  • Beveled Laminate Edge
  • Full Rounded Edge

And several more.

These edge styles can also be placed on your backsplash as well, usually at no additional cost.

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