Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

The kitchen cabinet sizes you need and will get depends on:

  • Are you going with stock (factory) cabinets?
  • Are you purchasing semi-custom cabinets (which are factory built cabinets with more alternatives for storage and a few variations in widths)
  • Will you be purchasing custom built cabinets?
  • Your overall room dimensions and designing what the dimensions allow.
  • Where is the sink located?  Below a window, in a corner, in an island, or another spot?
  • Where are fixtures and appliances going to be located?
  • How tall is your ceiling?
  • Do you have soffits?  What are their dimensions?

Before you purchase you cabinets, think about what choices you have for kitchen cabinet sizes, such as:

  • Do you want any special heights?  For example, a baking area that is shorter than the standard 36" high countertop, or a raised area for your dishwasher.
  • Do you want your cabinets to have staggered heights? Example:  having standard 30" high uppers throughout your kitchen, but then having your corner upper cabinet 36" or 42" high (like the photo at right - the frig cabinet is 24" deep and 21" high (6" above the rest) - the same with the corner cabinet (36" total height, 24" x 24" deep) and pantry (90" total height and 24" deep).  The rest of the uppers are 30" high (above the stove area is 15") - the customers we built this for wanted to keep all the cabinets to a maximum height of 90" total from the floor, which is 6" below the beginning of their 8' ceiling, where the vault begins).
  • Are you going to have a lowered desk or eating area?  Are you going to have an island or penninsula that is lower than your surrounding base cabinets, maybe for baking or to eat at?

With custom built cabinets, you are virtually unlimited in your choice of kitchen cabinet sizes.

With stock (or factory built) cabinets, your choices will be limited.  They come in 3" increments.  You can get cabinets as narrow as 9".  Smaller spaces will be filled in with "fillers".

Semi-custom cabinets are factory built, but have more storage options (like rollouts and spice racks).  They may also have a wider array of standard sizes than regular factory (stock) cabinets.

Fillers can be attractively used.

  • Rather than just getting a smooth board, think about adding a "decorative" filler.  This might be something that is fluted, has grooves, looks like a spindle, has a block and plinth, or some other nice piece.  The photo at right is natural cherry.  The corner fillers are grooved.  It really added a nice touch to this peninsula.  You will pay more for something like this, so look at your budget too.  The countertop is granite too, which is another budget buster - but looks great and lasts forever!!
  • Some filler spaces can actually become pullouts.  Rev-A-Shelf makes some wonderful pullout three tier shelves that can be attached to fillers, for either base or upper cabinets.  These can be used for spice storage, etc.
  • If you have a narrow opening, less than 9", you may be able to leave it open, and just install small shelves.  You can put little items on these shelves, or utilize some small rattan baskets for easy storage of small items. (again, made by Rev-A-Shelf)

Some Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes:

  • For a sink cabinet, the standard size will be 36" wide (all base cabinets come a standard 24" deep).  If you are having a special sink size, you may need to increase the size cabinet you purchase for your sink.
  • If your sink is going to be in a corner cabinet, corner cabinets are usually 36" x 36".  This works great for a lazy susan, but is tight for a sink (unless you go with a 90 degree sink).  If you are going with custom cabinets, your corner sink cabinet will probably be 42" x 42".  If you are going with factory cabinets, check to see if you can get a 42" x 42" corner cabinet to use for your sink.  It really works much better and is more roomy for the sink area than a 36" x 36".  The photo at above is of a corner cabinet and sink.  The base cabinet that the sink sits in is 42" x 42".  The countertop is Cambria Quartz with a stainless steel undermount sink.
  • Standard cabinets for above your stove will be 30" wide x 15" high.  Some will be 18" high.  If you are planning on having an above the stove microwave, be sure to get the 15" high cabinet (or 27" high cabinet if you are filling in to an 8' ceiling).  If you are not having a "standard" size stove, you will need to get a cabinet that fits above your stove size.
  • Standard refrigerator cabinets will be 36" wide.  Please consider getting a wider refrigerator cabinet because many of today's refrigerators are almost 36" in width alone.  A factory built refrigerator cabinet will be 15" high.  Many of today's refrigerators won't fit under a 15" cabinet (or 27" cabinet if you're going to an 8' ceiling).  Check with your kitchen designer to make sure you get a cabinet that will fit your frig.  You may need to get a 12" high cabinet.
  • Cabinets for above your refrigerator can also be ordered 24" deep.  This is aesthetically nice, especially if you are having a 24" deep pantry next to your refrigerator.

Again, the above "standard" kitchen cabinet sizes are only for factory built cabinets.  Custom cabinets, although they follow some standard guidelines, can really be built to any kitchen cabinet sizes you need.

Also check out our Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes page for all the low-down on what's standard, what's not.

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