Kitchen Cabinet Finishing

Kitchen Cabinet Finishing
Some Neat Ideas to Refresh Your Kitchen

Your choices when it comes to kitchen cabinet finishing are almost endless.

When you are starting with bare wood, just imagine the possibilities. You can stain your wood from literally thousands of colors. You get to choose the kitchen cabinet finishing techniques to get you the end results you want.

Forget the "Good 'ol Days"

Forget whatever you’ve heard that was good about the “old time” kitchen cabinet finishing techniques. Don’t ever think of rubbing linseed oil or tung oil on your wood (unless you are really a nostalgic and just want to have a piece around for historic reasons).

“We’ve come a long way baby”, and those finishes were what grandma and great-grandpa had available, and were never very good to begin with.

Do it Easy: Pick Great Products and Reap Terrific Results

You want something easy and professional looking. Selecting an oil-based wiping stain from a reputable stain company, then finishing it with a beautiful polyurethane or lacquer are the modern way to go when you are doing your kitchen cabinet finishing.

Don’t make this harder than it has to be. You will be spending enough time staining and finishing using these great products, so why add enormous time to your kitchen cabinet finishing project using other products that don’t work as well?

Alternative Choices


Cabinets can also be painted, and when you are refinishing, this may be a terrific option. White is the most popular when painting cabinets, but again, your possibilities are endless.  Click here and link to our Repaint Kitchen Cabinets page a simple how-to for painting your kitchen cabinets.

You can also check out our Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets page for more, you guessed it . . . Ideas!!

New Handles:

A really easy way to “re-finish” your cabinets is to simply change out your cabinet hardware. If your cabinets are in good condition, you will be surprised at how adding new handles or knobs creates an entirely new look for your kitchen cabinets.

The Woodworkers Depot site has some wonderful Amerock and Belwith-Keeler handles at terrific prices.  The photo at right is from the Amerock Porter Collection, part of Amerock's Fall Trends Collection.


Another easy fix for a kitchen that is in basically good shape is to add a glass door. If you are handy, or know of someone who is, you can usually take the center panel out of a current upper cabinet door, and replace it with beautiful glass. Go to your local glass supplier and ask to look at -

  • Glue Chip Glass
  • Frosted Glass
  • Hammered Glass
  • Seeded Glass (bubble glass)
  • Narrow Reed Glass
  • Cross Reed Glass
  • Aquatex
  • Rain Glass
  • The picture at right is of rain glass.

    Are you Handy? Then Go All Out!!

    If you are handy and have some time when you are considering kitchen cabinet finishing (and re-finishing), you can go all out by stripping your old cabinets of their finish and stain. You can then:

  • Restain and refinish your cabinets
  • Try your hand at bleaching out the old stain (you can then leave as is, or restain, too, which is a lot easier!)
  • Ebonize your cabinetry (make it black)
  • Paint it
  • Try glazing (which is really just adding color on top of color) - but you'll have to do a bit of research before you tackle this!
  • Just add a new finish
  • Have FUN!!!

    The choices are up to you. You can make kitchen cabinet finishing easy or as difficult as your skills allow, but try to have fun with it. As you know, your kitchen is the hub of your house, so enjoy.

    And remember - Have a Happy Kitchen!!!

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