Brass Cabinet Hardware


Brass cabinet hardware is abundant, and never out of date.  Brass is an ancient alloy, originally made from copper and calamine (a zinc ore).  Today, it is primarily made from copper and zinc, sometimes aluminum as well.


  • A bright, yellow color, similar to gold (unless it is burnished or antique brass)
  • Somewhat resistant to tarnishing, but solid brass will tarnish, unless it has been specially treated.
  • Highly recycled: 90% of brass has been recycled.
  • A beautiful finish that has been around forever, but used in cabinet hardware since the late 1800's when technology made it possible.

(Photo at right is of an Amerock knob, A00770 3, polished brass.)


Brass cabinet hardware comes in several finishes, not just a bright, yellow brass.  The few listed below are choices for Amerock kitchen hardware, handles, and knobs.  Each company manufactures it's own version of finishes and color, even if they call them by the same name.  Be sure to check that everything you are purchasing matches.  For example, you don't want to purchase burnished brass hardware for your bathroom handles that doesn't match the burnished brass faucet you have, etc.

  • Solid Brass
  • Brushed Solid Brass
  • Sterling Brass (usually a bit lighter than polished brass - sterling means silver or a silver coloring has been added)
  • Brass
  • Burnished Brass or Antique Brass - this is brass that is somewhat pitted with darker spots, giving it an antique look (hundreds of years ago, brass was almost always pitted due to manufacturing techniques, or lack thereof).  The photo at right is of Amerock's A76270 R1, Regency Brass, from the Royal Family Collection.
  • Polished Brass or Bright Brass - exactly what it says, it is a "brighter" looking brass than regular brass
  • Elegant Brass - a beautiful, shiny, slightly darker-brushed brass look


Solid brass is the most expensive, but unless it has a durable finish on it, it will tarnish sooner than other handles and knobs that only look like brass, or are brass plated.  Check with your supplier or the company you are purchasing your hardware from to ensure you are getting a long-lasting finish.

Amerock includes a "Guardian Finish" on several of their handles and knobs.  Those with a "Guardian Finish" have a lifetime guarantee to never tarnish.   Other companies have similar finish techniques and guarantees.  Be sure to check, because not all handles and finishes are guaranteed.  The handle at right is from the Amerock Natural Elegance Collection, A01333 074, Sterling Brass.

You can link from this Brass Cabinet Hardware page to The Woodworkers Depot to view and purchase several styles of brass kitchen hardware.

And remember - HAVE A HAPPY KITCHEN!!!

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