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Since 1952, Blum (pronounced bloom) hardware has grown into a multi-million dollar company, with employees, manufacturing, offices, and distributors throughout the world.  It was begun by Julius Blum in Austria, and specializes in hardware for cabinet openings (hinges, drawer slides, etc).

Blum came to the United States in 1977, and has it's headquarters Stanley, North Carolina.


Any type of Blum functional hardware is a high quality product.  Beyond design, what makes Blum exciting is that several products are within the reach of the average consumer to buy.  In other words, Blum hardware has extremely high quality design, but not a high quality price.

Real World Experience:

In our custom cabinet shop, we used Blum exclusively for all our kitchen cabinet opening needs.  We never had a problem, everything worked as it was supposed to, and the price was great.  We built custom cabinets, but easily competed with factory cabinet prices.  The hardware that Blum manufactures allows normal, everyday customers to have a great product, without a high price tag.  They do offer higher quality products in their product lines, but, believe me, even their lesser quality products (for example, using the Metabox drawer system instead of the Tandem box drawer system) are great and better than most other products available for the same price.


Blum actually spends time studying how people use kitchens.  They focus on ergonomic access (how humans actually use their products).  They are constantly improving and adding products to make them more user friendly.  It seems like every year Blum wins international awards for outstanding features and technologies.

Blum hardware's line of products include:

  • Concealed Clip top hinges for both frame and frameless cabinets (several kinds with differing applications)

  • Concealed Compact hinges (less adjustable, smaller, with fewer application options than Clip)

  • Inserta tool free installation for some hinges

  • Blumotion technology (provides silent closing, no matter how hard or softly door or drawer is shut - like when you close a storm door)

  • Undermount drawer slide systems, including Solo, Tandem, and Tandembox

  • Interior Rollout slides

  • Blum Metabox drawer system

  • Blum Tandem Space Corner (with Syncromotion) - a neat way to make good use of a blind corner area - turn it into drawers!

  • Servo Drive - electrical opening system that allows you to open doors and drawers with a light touch or pull

  • Aventos - a lift system for wall units

  • Orgaline - organization inserts for dowers

  • File Drawer Accessories

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