Blum Drawer Slides

There are five different types of Blum drawer slides available.  Two of the drawer slides Blum manufactures reflect your basic idea of drawer slides.  Those are Blum's Standard drawer slides, which are side mounted, and their Solo drawer slides, which are undermounted.


  • Metabox - an economical metal drawer system
  • Metafile - a file drawer system that can be used with any drawer guide system
  • Tandem - a concealed runner system for wood drawers
  • Tandembox - a high end metal drawer system, grey or stainless steel
  • Solo - an economical undermount (concealed) drawer slide
  • Standard - economical drawer slides
  • Orga-line - Blum's high end drawer dividing system that's dishwasher safe and stainless steel
  • Spacecorner - a new, neat way to utilize that blind corner area by making it a stack of easily accessible drawers
  • Syncromotion - a Blum system that helps put a Tandembox Space corner (utilizing base corner areas efficiently - it is a corner drawer stack) in a kitchen with tight reveals.  Having a tight reveal simply means the cabinet drawer fronts are in close proximity to other cabinet fronts, and opening the drawer will result in it hitting the other fronts adjacent to it (because the drawer is in a corner).
  • Tip-on for Tandem - Blum's add-on to allow drawers with or without handles to open easily with just a gently push on them.  This is something new from Blum.
  • Blumotion - Blum's hydraulic mechanism that can be attached to the bottom of a drawer, or in use with hinges too, that allows your door or drawer to close silently and effortlessly.


We love Blum's Metabox drawer slides.  Metabox is actually an entire drawer system.  We used Blum Metabox all the time in our custom cabinet shop.  The photo at right is of a Metabox Blum drawer slide.

The sides are white or cream, which is steel that is coated in epoxy.  When used in conjunction with white interiors (like white thermal melamine) it makes for a really neat and clean looking cabinet interior.  They are also very easy to clean.

We were always asked by customers if the epoxy coating would stand up.  We rarely saw this coating scratched.  If it was, it came that way from the manufacturer in error.

The Metabox Blum drawer slides are also heavy duty.  They hold up to 100 lbs. and are self-closing (what Blum calls their Blumatic self-closing action).  Several of our customers (myself included) load up their drawers with cans, even two or three high.  You can easily do this with Blum's interior rollouts.  The photo at right is of a Metabox rollout with a wood front.  Your cabinet maker may make the fronts differently.

They are NOT tinny, or cheap in any way.  Some people think of steel or metal drawers and think they must be cheaply built, or not sturdy (I'll admit there are some awful, cheap metal drawers from the 30's to 50's that were like this).  This is not Blum Metabox.

You can also add Blumotion to a drawer opening, then your drawer will also close silently.  You could just add door bumpers, but the effect won't be as nice and you won't be protected from slamming drawers like with Blumotion.

Metabox is an inexpensive drawer system, but it is really high quality.  Not only did we use Metabox almost exclusively at our custom cabinet shop, we have Metabox in every drawer in our own home.  This includes the kitchen, laundry, three baths, desk unit with file drawers, and entertainment center.  We built the cabinets eight years ago, and the Metabox drawers are just like new.

The only other systems we used at all in our custom cabinet shop were Tandem and Tandembox, but really only rarely, because our customers did not want to pay for the expense that comes with the very high quality of Tandem or Tandembox.   We found the Solo and Standard Blum drawer slides to be okay, but not high enough quality for a custom shop.

The photo at right is of a Blum drawer slide system, using Metabox with Metafile.  Metafile can be used with any drawer system, not just Blum.


Check out or talk to your distributor for more information about building and installation specifics.


If you are a consumer, I would seek out Metabox drawers for my home.  Ask your custom cabinet shop if they use Metabox (or Tandem or Tandem box if you can afford those types of drawers).  If you are purchasing factory cabinets, beware.  There are metal drawers that look like Metabox, but aren't.  The don't have the quality or guarantee that Blum Metabox has.


Did I mention Blum Metabox, along with all Blum products have a Lifetime Guarantee against defects?  This is not only for Blum drawer slides, but also includes their hinges too (yes, everything).

You will need to mail your part to Blum itself (if your cabinet maker is accommodating, they will mail it for you). Go to for details on how to return your hardware for a replacement if needed.

In almost 15 years in the custom cabinet shop, and building over 400 kitchens, plus hundreds of bath vanities, entertainment center and the like, we only had to replace a piece of Blum hardware a handful of times.  And usually, the breakage was really due to abuse (kids playing hard, swinging on doors, etc).

We never replaced a drawer part, only some hinge mounting plates (not even a hinge itself).

Blum really has fantastic products.  We used them.  We know.  As long as they are installed right, they'll last for several decades to come.


Some people just like the look of a wood drawer.  A terrific system for wooden drawers is Blum's Tandem Drawer System.  These drawers are a cut above almost every undermount type of runner system.  The photo at right shows a deep drawer utilizing Blum's Tandem runner system.  Notice the Orga-line interior divider system is being used in this drawer.

Why Tandem Drawers are More Expensive Than Metabox

  • A cabinet maker will charge more to build a drawer out of wood.  The wooden box is not better than the steel Metabox, but it is much more time consuming to build.
  • Tandem Blum drawer slides themselves are more expensive than Metabox drawer slides.
  • It takes more labor to install Tandem drawers than Metabox drawers.  Metabox drawers could be installed in just a few minutes by someone who knows how.  Just one Tandem drawer could take 15 minutes or more.

If you or your cabinet maker adds Blumotion to a Tandem Box drawer, you won't believe how silently and effortlessly the Blum drawer slides close.  It is just wonderful and feels like a feather.

Tandem's Characteristics Include:

  • Are a Concealed Runner system
  • Are Steel that has been coated in Zinc
  • Have Blumatic Self-Closing Action
  • Integrated One Piece Runner Profile with Nylon Rollers
  • Available in 3/4 and Full Extension
  • Hold 100 lbs.
  • There is a Heavy Duty Series that holds 125 lbs.
  • Because they are Undermount, you see the Drawer when opened, not the Runner.  It looks really nice and works great.


Blum's Tandem Box drawer system is an all steel system, in either gray or stainless steel.  The gray is less expensive than the stainless steel, but works the same.

Tandem Box Blum drawer slides have the durability of steel and a classy look and feel.  They roll exceptionally well, and can utilize the Blumotion system as well.


The photo above is of a stainless steel Tandem Box drawer, utilizing the Orga-line interior dividers.  The photo at left is a Blum drawer slides system that can work under some sinks.  It is a Tandem Box that is also using the Orga-line dividers.


Other Features of Blum's Tandem Box Drawer System

  • Are Full Extension Drawers
  • Installation and Removal is simple
  • With Blumotion's hydraulic mechanism attached to the bottom of a drawer, your drawers will be silent and function exceptionally well (close and open easily).
  • Is a three sided drawer system (like Metabox) with the decorative drawer front easily attached with fixing brackets.
  • Are made of a Double-walled construction
  • Utilize the Tandem concealed running mechanism in the drawer sides.
  • Hold up to 100 lbs.
  • Look Great when opened- Really Classy and Top of the Line, especially in a kitchen with stainless steel appliances.


Space Corner is Blum's answer to any corner, but is especially useful in what would otherwise be a blind corner situation.  The photo at right is of a Space Corner that was built using Blum drawer slides, the Tandem concealed slides for wooden drawers.

Space Corner is a kit, or set of materials that Blum manufactures to make building a corner like this easier. 

At, there are many ideas and construction specifications to make it easier to build a corner cabinet like this.

Features of Space Corner Include:

  • Full Extension
  • Use of Tandem box drawer system (Double wall steel undermount drawer slides) or of Tandem concealed slides for wooden drawers.
  • Access all the way to the back corner - use of the corner area
  • Quiet and easy operation
  • Holds up to 110 lbs.

The photo at right is of a Space Corner using Blum drawer slides too, but in this application Blum's Tandem Box system was used for a stainless steel look.

Notice that when this drawer was built, even the very back corner is usable space, holding a crock.


Blum Hardware is really good stuff.  They are excellent products that have been tested and engineered for best performance.

From a woodworker's standpoint, they are relatively easy to use and install and last for years.

From the homeowners view, they are a must have for their ease of use and durability.

We loved using Blum Drawer Slides and other Blum hardware in our custom cabinet shop.  We looked at many brands, but choose Blum for overall durability, design, and ease of use.

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