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We've had a tough time organizing our bathrooms:  kids, his & hers, plus where to iron?

What can you do to get more bath storage?  If you have a linen closet in your bathroom, or a linen cabinet, several of your bath storage needs are already being met (at least it helps a lot).

But, what if you need other bath storage?  We used most of the ideas on this page and they really helped de-clutter our bathrooms. 

Grooming Rack

A grooming rack provides storage for all your grooming supplies in one place: your hair dryer, curling iron, and hair spray.  A great bathroom organizer for a lady on the go!!

I used to stuffed these items in a drawer or just left them out, but using a grooming rack is a great bathroom organizer.  It also gives me peace of mind because my toddler can't reach the upper cabinet I mounted it too :-)  You could also mount it behind a closet or linen door.

Grooming racks can fit as small as a 12" wide opening.  Nice!!

Toilet Paper Holder

You can buy decorative toilet paper holders, but if you need to conserve space, get one that mounts to the back of a vanity or linen door.

If you prefer the decorative ones, they come in several tower-type and decorative styles (like baskets).

I like the door mounted ones because, after installing a toddler lock, no more toilet paper strewn about the bathrooms!!

Cosmetic Drawer Organizers

These are really handy bathroom organizers.  They are simple drawer inserts that organize your cosmetics, hair brushes and personal items in neat rows and compartments.

They keep your cosmetics mess-free, not to mention keeping your make-up out-of-sight.

You can also use decorative baskets on your vanity top to set your make-up in.  If you don't like the idea of baskets on your vanity, set the baskets in a linen closet for out of sight storage.

Rollout or Tilt-out hampers

These are the greatest, and are either a wire basket or a plastic laundry basket with a lid (the ones I prefer).

You can mount them to your cabinet floor (vanity or linen), then just roll them out after you open the door.

If you put hampers inside a linen cabinet, you can still use the shelves or rollouts above the hamper to fill the rest of the space available. (It doesn't take up the whole linen cabinet).

There are also door mounted hamper units.  They also mounted to the cabinet floor, but pull out the door, along with the hamper, as you open it.

These bathroom organizers are often 14" to 15" wide, over 19" high and about 19" deep.

Pullout Garbage Rollouts

Pullout garbage rollouts aren't just for the kitchen.  They can be helpful bathroom organizers.  When you're in the bathroom, who wants to look at garbage anyway?  There are dozens of pullout garbage rollouts to choose from.

Check the plumbing beneath your bath vanity to make sure you have the room before you buy anything. 

Pull Down Ironing Boards - A Great Bathroom Organizer

If you have the room, there is no better area to install a pull-down ironing board than in the bathroom.  It is convenient and out of the way.  I love mine.

You can mount it to your wall directly.  If you are really handy or know of someone who is, you can actually mount it "into" your wall (that's what we did).  You'll need to remove some sheetrock, etc., but pull down ironing boards can be made virtually "flush" with the wall.

There are several types of pull down ironing board holders.  Some are simple ironing board holders, others will house your iron too, and some are really fancy and actually have electricity wired into them with a plug and switch to plug your iron into.

The exterior face of pull down ironing boards will either be a nice wood, like oak, or a paintable wood, like birch. 

The nicer wood fronts are usually already stained, but some you can stain yourself to match your existing woodwork.

The paintable ironing boards are nice if you want the exterior to blend into your wall (you can paint them the same color as your wall).  If you'd like to mix it up a bit, paint the ironing board face a contrasting color for excitement and appeal.

Another idea is to mount a long mirror to the outside of the flat-surface (paintable) ironing boards.  This is what I did with mine.  The ironing board is in a small bathroom and the mirror really gives the illusion of more room (so, it's useful and decorative!!).

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