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Kitchen E-Zine, Issue #050 - Time for those Summer Projects - Like New Cabinets or Refinishing?
June 23, 2009

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone,

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there.  Hope you had a wonderful one.  I sure did.  My husband and I enjoyed the day with our kids, and had my father and brother over for a "fish" dinner - cold tuna salad, salmon loaf, shrimp cocktail, Chinese-Shrimp soup, along with cold potato salad - all went well on a very HOT (90 degree) Wisconsin summer day.

With summer here it's time for summer projects!

How is your kitchen holding up?  Summer is the time to refinish your kitchen if you've been thinking about it.

If showing great signs of wear, refinishing your cabinets, if you can do it yourself, will save you thousands of dollars.

Check out our page Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for more information about refinishing.  You will also see that refinishing is much less expensive than refacing your cabinets (check the page out to see what refacing is).  In fact, building entirely new cabinets, even from a custom cabinet shop, is often less expensive than refacing cabinets.  With refacing you are re-doing everything in your kitchen, except building new boxes (or the actual cabinets), which are the least expensive part of any kitchen.  Refacing also means you are stuck with the same kitchen design.  You can usually find something to improve in your kitchen layout.  A problem that is often solved with new cabinets is no longer having a blind corner.  Lazy susans are a great fit for those corners.

Have a wonderful June (what's left of it).  I can't believe it's gone by so fast - the 4th of July will soon be here!

Best Wishes to all of You . . . . .

And remember - until next time - HAVE A HAPPY KITCHEN!!!

Crystal & Steve

P.S.  Check out my hubby's website for lawn care needs at Easy Lawn Care

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