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Kitchen E-Zine, Issue #040 - Spring has Sprung - Spring Cleaning Made Easy (no, really)
April 01, 2009

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Hi Everyone,

Spring has Sprung, and it's the dreaded Spring Cleaning time.

Does anyone do this anymore?  Or, do we just clean all year?

I, for one, do a bit heavier cleaning in the Spring, usually because I am getting ready to have all the family over for Easter.  This year is no different.  April 12th will be here before I know it.

No matter what the occasion, or if you are just really doing "Spring Cleaning", don't despair.  It is easy to clean wood, laminate, or painted kitchen cabinets.  You don't need a miracle powder, cleanser, or goo!!  Just check out these links (it's pretty much mild dishwashing liquid and water = sparkling kitchen to brag about!)




The only "goo" that I ever use, I will use car wax on my cultured marble, and on my kitchen laminate countertops, I will use a product called Hopes - Counter Top Polish - Premium Home Care, that I just purchased at a home improvement/home help store.  It does brighten the countertop a bit more than soap and water, and does not build up or hurt your laminate.

I look at my kitchen and bath cabinets, not to mention my countertops, and they look just a bit dull.  I'd better get started today, (and buy some more Dawn Dishwashing Liquid - the Orange/Citrus kind smells so nice)! Easter is only 11 days away, and I've got 25 people coming over!!!!!  Yikes!!!!

Wish me luck, and Best Wishes to You.

And remember - until next time - HAVE A HAPPY KITCHEN!!!

Crystal & Steve

P.S.  Check out my hubby's website for all your spring lawn care needs at Easy Lawn Care

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