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Kitchen E-Zine, Issue #002-- What are you going to Walk On?
May 23, 2008
Hello Everyone!!!!

So often when you decide to remodel your kitchen

So often when you decide to remodel your kitchen, you concentrate on the kitchen but forget about all the things that tie into your kitchen to make it work.

Flooring is one of those tie-ins.

Don't overlook your flooring, especially when you are budgeting and deciding if a kitchen remodel project is in your future (or how far into your future!)

You can keep your old flooring if:

  • It is in good shape (or you don't mind the shape it's in).
  • You are keeping your same basic kitchen layout.  If you change your kitchen layout - like where you're putting your frig or dishwasher - you'll have spaces where there may be no flooring (just bare boards!).
  • You or whomever is installing your new cabinets is aware of exactly where your flooring lays, and makes sure the cabinet toe kick space covers flooring where necessary - if not, you may have to build your toe kick (board) out or be creative and add some quarter round or base board to the front of the toe kick to make it work and cover any spaces where your flooring isnt!
  • You are going to just go over it with new flooring, like laminate.

Besides your basic linoleum, think about using flooring that sets your kitchen apart and adds some pizzazz.  You can even install the following types of flooring yourself if you are handy, saving you quite a chunk of money (up to 1/2 the cost of your flooring project).

  • Laminate Flooring - a great alternative to wood.  Resistant to scratches, easy to clean, relatively easy to install.  Also, depending on what type you get and how good your linoleum is (assuming you've got linoleum) you can put it right over the old linoleum saving work and money.  There are tons of colors, styles, wood and other designs to choose from.
  • Wood Flooring - spendy, but beautiful.  There is some maintenance, and not a good floor to get if you have small children &/or dogs :).  It may be a great option if you find out it's already there!!  Under that old linoleum or carpeting.  What a treasure to find - just be sure you get a good refinisher or have tons of patience to refinish it yourself!
  • Tile - I love this classic, and I've installed it too.  Get the larger tiles if you don't like grouting as much (plus they are less time consuming to install).  Talk to your contractor about installing in-floor heat if the coldness of tile is an issue for you. Or, better yet, save some money and do it yourself.

  • Check out one of our affiliates that can help with all your in-floor heating needs:

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If you don't have the tools to install the flooring you want, where you get the flooring from may rent you the tools, or check out your local rental center (or ask your Uncle Bob who knows and does everything himself - just be sure you are willing to put up with him offering to help out before you ask).


And remember - until next time - HAVE A HAPPY KITCHEN!!!

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