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Kitchen E-Zine, Issue #001 -- teaser here
March 14, 2008

Hi Everyone,

With spring right around the corner, spirits are high, weather is getting warmer, and everyone is thinking about home improvements.

Whether it's just spring cleaning, de-cluttering, painting, or a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel, people are looking forward to getting those jobs done!!

Our site, has been writing some new pages about kitchen countertops (plus lots others as well, if you don't have our RSS Feed to let you know about our updates, latest additions, and new information, may we suggest you get it today, it's easy to add to your Google, Yahoo, or MSN page).


I was looking at some of the forums about kitchens, and came across one question that was asked, of which the answer to really bothered me because it was wrong.

The question was "Can you install an undermount sink into a laminate countertop?"

The "best answer" chosen by the participants as a resounding NO!!  Don't even try it!! 

We'll, the question and answer was closed, but I felt like yelling from the rooftops - YES !!!  YOU CAN EASILY INSTALL AN UNDERMOUNT SINK INTO A LAMINATE COUNTERTOP - WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS!!!

What the people on this forum didn't realize, is that over the past five years technology has developed that has allowed undermount sinks to be easily installed into laminate countertops.  The only caveat is that it has to be a new countertop.

If you are replacing existing countertops, or building a new home and installing new countertops, you can have an undermount sink in that countertop!

Companies like Karran Sinks have been doing it for years.  The sinks have a 50 year warranty (and will most likely outlast your countertop!).

Mounting an undermount sink into your countertops is not something for a handy do it yourselfer to tackle.  The manufacturer of your countertops has to install these types of sinks at their manufacturing facility, where they have the equipment.


  • You are paying for laminate, not solid surface, granite or quartz.  So, you're countertop will cost less, even thousands less, than those other materials, but you can still have a beautiful, sleek, and easy to clean undermount sink.
  • The cost of an undermounted sink will add anywhere from $300 to $600 plus to your countertop.  But, just think, how much will a self-rimming sink (top mounted) cost you anyway?  You very well could spend this much or more on a "regular" sink, without having the added benefit of it being undermounted.

Check out our page at for more information.


I love the Irish (my oldest son is named Brendan - for St. Brendan).  St. Pat's also reminds me I just wrote a new page about wine and stemware racks (or maybe I wrote a page because I was thinking about the holiday!!  Check it out at If you're on the hunt for some nice stemware racks and holders to mount under your kitchen cabinets, check out The Woodworkers Depot.

We also came across a couple of nice wine and accessory sites as well.  Check them out too.  The one site has lots more than wine accessories.  They have neat stools, cookware, and more for the home. (Dot Com Holdings of Buffalo, Inc)

My Wines Direct 728x90 Great wine is the gift they won't regift 170x250

And remember - until next time - HAVE A HAPPY KITCHEN!!!

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