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Thanks for checking us out.  We're dedicated to help you find the PRACTICAL answers you need and are looking for about kitchen cabinets and hardware.

This site isn't fluff, or secret formulas.  It's common sense knowledge and advice about kitchen cabinets and hardware that you can use.  It's knowledge we've obtained working on the front line. (well, not literally ON THE FRONT LINE, my husband was in the Army Reserve for 8 years, but - you know what I mean;-)

We built and installed custom kitchen cabinets for a living for 14 years, and it wasn't mass building, we took our time and did it right.  We owned a mom and pop shop, and still managed to build and install over 400 kitchens, plus bath vanities, entertainment centers, fireplace surrounds, mantels, you name it. "

(Example of some of our work: The photo at right is part of a maple kitchen we built and installed.  Notice the open cook-book storage area above the microwave. Open cabinets are a nice way to break up the look of just doors, and can save you money.  The ceilings are 9 feet, with 8 foot cabinets of staggering heights.  The drawer handles are cupped satin nickel (looks just like stainless steel but a lot less expensive) with knobs on the doors.  The countertop is Visioneer, a solid surface product that has the look and feel of more expensive solid-surface tops, but costs less and is just as good.)


We know what works and what doesn't in kitchen cabinets and hardware.  We are here to help you, so you don't have to experiment, you can just do it or find it.

We're giving you easy ideas and suggestions for sprucing up your cabinets, like adding some new handles or knobs The handles and knobs pictured above right are from the Amerock Porter collection.  Click on the photo or go to Woodworkers Hardware.  We are not affiliated with Woodworkers Hardware, but they have the products we used to build our kitchen cabinets, and are resonably priced for the consumer.  Do you need ideas or how-to's for rollouts or new drawers, then go to our Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets page from our Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware page.

We can help you organize your cabinets, clean them up, and apply new finish.  Just click the links on this page, below, in our Navigation bar at left, or check out our site-map page to find what you need.

Our tips, tricks, and suggestions work whether you are remodeling or building new.  Where applicable, we'll tell you what works better if you are remodeling or if you are building a new home.


For more information about us, check out our "Who We Are" page, or our My Solo Build It Story. The short answer is, we've been in the cabinet industry lots of years, and want to help you find what you need.  There are a ton of choices out there regarding your cabinets, and it can be confusing.  We've done about everything you can with kitchen cabinets and hardware.  We realize the pitfalls and want to help you avoid them.


Another neat thing we've included in our site, that you'll find sprinkled throughout these pages, are "Real World Experience" stories.  These are some notable or interesting experiences we've had in cabinet making.  We hope they benefit you.  Watch for them, as they are practical tips and can be helpful illustrations.


We hope you enjoy this site and find what you’re looking for!  If you need additional help, or have comments, go to the "Contact Us" page, and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions (to the best of our ability).

Also, subscribe to our The Fancy Handle: Our Kitchen E-zine with great tips, ideas, product reviews, and more.

And remember - HAVE A HAPPY KITCHEN!!!

Checkout a fun blog at http://www.clbooth.blogspot.com

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